Education Law Center of PA (ELC)

ELC’s offices are located in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Please explore the Education Law Center's website (below) to get a more detailed sense of the organization's projects and priorities.


ELC's work falls into three major areas:

  • Making sure that all children have access to school and school programs. We work to eliminate practices that make it difficult or impossible for a child to enroll in school, or that deny children access to school programs on the basis of disability, English language learner status, homelessness, or other factors.
  • Providing families (and those who work with them) reliable, understandable information about education laws and policies. Through publications, training materials, and training events, we try to de-mystify the rules and help people understand how to deal with common problems.
  • Improving schools. We work with local and statewide groups on getting more funding for our neediest schools; making sure that teachers are prepared to meet the needs of diverse learners; promoting programs of positive behavior support in schools; and more.

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